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Aims Values

In 2012 the college worked together to redefine our culture and our values. All employees, students and visitors of the college are expected to uphold these values. They define what Aims employees and students provide to and expect from each other. They are:

Each of the four core Values includes examples of model behaviors that describe how those values “come to life” in our classrooms, offices and board rooms.


  • Communicate rationale for decisions as applicable. (“Who else needs to know?”)
  • Apply consistent performance expectations of policies and procedures.
  • Provide timely, positive and supportive feedback.
  • Facilitate a communication loop that is open, honest and transparent.


  • Create and foster an environment that is supportive of innovation and creativity.
  • Create and foster an environment that promotes personal safety (physical and emotional).
  • Hold yourself accountable and ask others to be accountable for maintaining a safe campus/college culture.

Respect & Professionalism

  • Practice civility by honoring and respecting uniqueness in others.
  • Follow appropriate ethical standards for the institution.
  • Treat everyone who walks through the doors of the college with kindness, courtesy and respect.
  • Encourage others to improve and grow educationally, professionally and personally.


  • Act responsibly and demonstrate personal accountability.
  • Find people doing things right and acknowledge those actions.
  • Work together to do the right thing for all parties involved.
  • Foster an environment of collaboration.
  • Set expectations and follow through.
  • Trust that my colleagues will do the ethical/educational right thing.