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Meet Our Leadership

Patricia Matijevic
Vice President, Student Affairs

Patricia Matijevic

B.A., Chicago State University
M.A., Governors State University
Ph.D., Loyola University Chicago

Aims Community College: What is a day in the life of a Vice President, Student Affairs like for you?
Patricia Matijevic: It’s exciting, challenging, and busy. It requires continuous planning, development and evaluation to provide comprehensive and accessible programs and services that meet student needs. My goal every day is to cultivate a learning environment that promotes the academic, personal and social development of students, from the time they first interact with the College through program completion

ACC: What makes Aims Student Affairs great?
PM: The people. Their professionalism, creativity and team spirit is evident. Aims staff, faculty and administrators are dedicated to working collaboratively to provide innovative, relevant, and high quality programs and services that help students achieve their educational goals.

ACC: What makes a student successful?
PM: It varies, but you have to want to learn and be willing to do the work to be successful. It takes determination and resilience especially when balancing school, family and a job as many of our students do. We provide advice, motivation, information and support but that doesn't replace doing the required reading, studying or homework in a class. There is no short cut to success.

ACC: What is your proudest achievement?
PM: Student Affairs has accomplished a lot to promote student engagement which translates into persistence and degree completion. Initiatives like the Emerging Scholars program, the Classic and STEM TRiO programs, AAA classes and iFocus workshops began as small pilot programs to test their viability. By tracking student progress through extensive data collection and analysis, we've been able to demonstrate the positive impact these programs have on student achievement.

ACC: What do you enjoy doing in your free time?
PM: I enjoy reading, and attending the theatre or symphony. I also like to travel.

ACC: Best thing about being the VP of Student Affairs?
PM: I have the opportunity to influence institutional priorities and impact decisions of consequence for students. Attending college can be a good experience but graduating from college can transform a life. As a Vice President, I have the ability to improve processes, policies and interventions that in turn will result in increasing the number of students who earn a college credential.