Ripples in Recognition


Ripples in Recognition

Jeanie Lewis

MAT 045

Nominated by: Cindy Hauke, Student
Date Nominated: 07/09/2014

Well, If I gave Ms. Lewis all the credit I would be selling myself short. :) But seriously, she is absolutely amazing. I came into this class with low self esteem and low expectations. (Just wanting to pass) I showed up, listened, asked questions, and did my homework on my lab 4 times over and quizzes 3 times over and asked for paper assignments. Yes, I had to learn it over and over. 30 years out of school. It paid off! I scored in the High 20's and low 30's on the placer test... Nice huh! Well, 3 P's. Positive, Perseverance and PRACTICE!!! All A's on tests and all A's in homework and All A's in quizzes ... doesn't really mean I'm an A student. This is a facade. Just keep learning! Keep asking questions. Never think you know all the answers. You are never too old to learn... Loves to you all! Thank you Ms. Lewis for Being you!