Ripples in Recognition


Ripples in Recognition

Myra Parrott

Commons/ Ft. Lupton
Employee, Giver of time

Nominated by: Cindy Hauke, Student
Date Nominated: 07/09/2014

Myra is just the most educated lady on campus. She stay after hours to let us finish projects. She is highly skilled and gives us full attention on questions with many subjects. She goes beyond the call of duty to help and make sure we get our projects completed. She hugs us when we have our breakdowns. Yes, students... have tears! She is there to help us when we feel overwhelmed that our beloved instructors are just moving too fast. She is there to pick up our hearts and guide us through. Myra is our Keystone! Dear Myra, Nichole and Eric... Bless you all for being there! Thank you!