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Institutional Effectiveness & Assessment

Data Directory

Looking for the data collected and reports prepared by the Institutional Research & Assessment office? Look no further than our Data Directory. From enrollment updates to mandatory state and federal reporting, follow the links below to explore all of the data available at your fingertips!

Institution Data: Data from mandated state and federal reporting, and institution-wide comparative reports and databases.  

Student Data: Semester enrollment reports and student satisfaction surveys. 

Program Data: Program-specific data, as well as data regarding college-wide retention.

Report / Survey Claendar


Listed below are commonly used terms and definitions in reports and survey data. 

Classification of Instructional Programs (CIP) Code - A six-digit code used by IPEDS (in the form xx.xxxx) that identifies instructional program specialties within educational institutions

Cohort – A full-time, first-time, degree or certificate seeking student who starts in the Fall

Completer – Any student who earned a credential (degree or certificate)

Course Completion Rate – The number of completions (earned an A, B, C, D, F, S, or U) for the course divided by the number of registrations in the course, excluding audits

Course Success Rate – The number of successful completions (earned an A, B, C, or S) for the course divided by the number of registrations in the course, excluding audits

Degree Seeking– A student that is pursuing a degree or certificate, with a declared major

Enrollment – Number of students

Headcount Enrollment – Unduplicated count; each student is counted only once, regardless of the credits they are taking. This is most often used when compiling such data as demographics.

Full-Time Equivalent (FTE) or Credit Hours Enrollment – Duplicated count; the total credits being taken by all students, or each course registration for each student This is most often used when compiling data regarding which classes are being taught or the courses being taken by students.

First-Time Full-Time – Students enrolled in an institution of higher education after graduating from high school for the first time on a full-time basis

Full-Time Equivalent (FTE) – The total credits being taken divided by 30 (full-time student’s credit load across two semesters)

Full-Time Student – A student enrolled for 12 or more credit hours during one term

Graduation Rate – The number of completers divided by the number enrolled

Non-Degree Seeking – A student who is undeclared, or with a declared degree of NONE

Part-Time Student – A student who is enrolled in less than 12 credit hours during one term

Persistence Rate – Continued enrollment at any higher education -  including one different from the institution of initial enrollment -- in the fall semesters of a student’s first and second year

Retention Rate – The percent of students who are part of the cohort who enroll the following fall or earn a degree or certificate during the fall, spring, or summer terms starting with the first fall they enrolled. These students returned to the same institution for their second year.