Information Resources Management

Aims GoPrint System

Aims uses a print management system called GoPrint, which supports campus-wide efforts to go green and helps us track individual usage and allocate costs for print services on campus.

Your GoPrint Account

Aims students are given 50 pages ($5) of printing each semester. This amount accrues from semester to semester. Printing accounts are tied to your myAims account. Once this account has been used up, you have the option to add money to your printing account directly from GoPrint on campus computers (requires a credit or debit card), or you can use one of the many cash-to-account machines at these locations:

  • College Center
  • Ed Beaty Hall
  • Hansen Building
  • Westview
  • Fort Lupton Campus
  • Loveland Campus
  • Windsor Automotive and Technical Center

If you would like to check your account, log in at or double click the GoPrint icon on your computer.


Type of Printing

Costs Per Page:

Standard Black / White

$0.10 per page

Duplex Black / White

$0.15 per page




If one of your print jobs is ruined by low toner, a paper jam or other printer error, let a Lab Technician in the Academic Resource Center know. They will provide a refund to your account directly. If a Lab Tech is unavailable, contact the Help Desk at (970) 339-6380. (Note: Refunds are not given for unused pages at the end of a semester.)

If you have trouble printing from an Aims classroom and would like to request a credit, please submit a request for credit. It may take up to two business days before any credit will show up on your account.

Request for Credit

Printing Tips

You can also save money on printing with these helpful tips:

  • Print double-sided whenever possible.
  • Don’t print a draft for minor revisions.
  • Preview documents to catch errors before printing.
  • Print more than 1 page per sheet of paper.
  • Print PowerPoint slides 3, 4, or 6 per page in black and white, no background.
  • Ask yourself, does this really need to be printed?

Additional Information and How-To's: