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College's sale of 13-acre parcel will bring Sunflower Farmers Markets to Greeley

Submitted on: 05-28-2007

Sunflower Farmers Markets, a Colorado based, fast-growing, healthy grocery chain, announced on Friday plans for opening their sixth Colorado store at the northwest corner of 47th Avenue and 20th Street, in the summer of 2008. This will be Greeley’s first major natural food store. Sunflower Farmers Markets will offer the Greeley community ‘serious food at silly prices.’ The 28,000 square foot grocery store will feature "better-than-supermarket quality at better-than- supermarket prices." The quality, pricing and extensive selection of the fresh farmer’s market produce and natural meats will give consumers in Greeley wide choices and great value. The Sunflower Farmers Market will be built on land purchased from Aims Community College. The supermarket will be the anchor store of a 125,000 square foot retail shopping center on nearly 13 acres, which will offer pad sites and retail space for sale and lease. “Aims has been dedicated to serving the Greeley/Weld community for 40 years" said Aims President Marsi Liddell. "I cannot think of a more fitting tribute than the new venture we embark on today to cement our role in the economic development and vitality of the area than this relationship with Sunflower and its development partner Downunder Development." About Sunflower Farmers Markets Sunflower Farmers Markets is a fast-growing chain of 11 healthy supermarkets in the Southwest offering ‘serious food at silly prices.’ The supermarkets feature an extensive farmer’s market produce department strategically located in the center of the store. With the produce department as the store’s nucleus, the perimeter of the store is low profile with easy shopping as the primary goal. The natural meats, ocean fresh fish, delicious baked goods, fresh deli foods, gourmet cheese, bulk foods, healthy groceries, and natural supplements round out the consumers’ shopping experience. For more information, visit

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