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College Promise to make higher education a reality for more District 6 students

Submitted on: 06-06-2007

An anonymous donor has put forward $20,000 in seed funding to kick-start a new scholarship program for Weld County District 6 students who plan to attend Aims Community College after high school graduation. Called the College Promise, the fund will provide a $2,000 scholarship to eligible District 6 students who attend Aims. The money will pay for an average full load of classes at in-district tuition rates for a year. “Our College Promise program is just in the preliminary phases, but we are very encouraged that local business owners and donors are stepping forward to make college a reality for students in our own community,” said Aims President Marsi Liddell. “This is just one more way we are investing in the future of our children and our community.” The number of students who will benefit from The College Promise depends upon the funds raised for the cause. The College Promise is not an endowed fund, so money will need to be raised annually to keep the program going. "It's terrific to see the community pull together and provide resources that will make it possible for students to consider higher education as an option when they might not otherwise have been able to do so," said District 6 Superintendent Renae Dreier. "The idea for this fund sends a clear message to students that the community wants to see its students achieve at the highest level possible."

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