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Aims receives kudos from The Colorado Trust for success in Health Professions Initiatives

Submitted on: 05-15-2008

Aims Community College recently received an award from The Colorado Trust for serving as an outstanding example throughout the foundation’s Health Professions Initiative. Aims was one of 22 institutions across the state to receive a three-year grant to address the severe shortage of health care professionals statewide. Aims used the funding to enhance or develop several health care certificates including phlebotomy, EMS basic, gerontology, nurse aide and EKG technician. “We met with the health care professionals in the region to understand what programs we needed to start or improve to meet the need of the health care industry and to get more people into health care professions,” said Chris Urso, Aims coordinator for the grant. “Over the three-year period, we saw student enrollment increase 70 to 75 percent in all of these programs.” Over the term of the grant, Aims implemented many changes to meet those needs. By Spring 2007, the program included a scholarship that paid for students' tuition and fees, plus an additional $250 to help pay for books, scrubs, background checks and state testing for students who otherwise would not qualify for funding support. “The Colorado Trust provided workshops, conferences and networking opportunities with other colleges who are launching similar programs,” Urso said. “Our program became so unique it was looked at as an example to follow for best practices in bringing career opportunities to rural and underserved populations. With help from The Colorado Trust, we have been very successful in getting students who would not ordinarily have the opportunity to attend college into the health care professions, which benefits our students, the college and, ultimately, the community.” The Colorado Trust is a grantmaking foundation dedicated to advancing the health and well-being of the people of Colorado. Visit to learn more about The Colorado Trust and its grantmaking initiatives. Summer semester starts May 27. Call Aims today at (970) 330-8008 or visit for more information on how to register for classes.

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