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28th Annual College For Kids offers affordable educational opportunities over the summer

Submitted on: 05-20-2008

Aims Community College is changing things up a bit for the 28th Annual College for Kids. The program offers educational enrichment options for students in grades 2-7 during the summer. College For Kids begins on June 2 and runs through July 10 at the Aims Corporate Education Center, 5590 W. 11th Street. “This year, we’re offering what we call ‘pathways’ designed for children who may have a special interest in one area,” said Mike Burgess, coordinator of the program. “It’s kind of like giving them the opportunity to pursue a major.” College For Kids will offer five, one-week programs focusing on computer technology and software, writing, physical education and world civilizations. Class topics range from taking apart electronic equipment (and putting them back together) to drama, personal training and Native American culture. “Of course students can decide to take one section of Wired Weeks and then switch to Word Weeks, Workout Weeks or World Weeks, but we thought it would be a nice service to provide an entire ‘semester’ on their favorite topics,” Burgess said. Discounts are offered based on the number of weeks a student enrolls. One to two weeks costs $199 per week. Three to four weeks drops to $149 per week, and, if all five weeks of courses are taken, the cost drops to $119 per week, which is less than $20 per day. The faculty members are highly trained educational specialists, and students will be carefully supervised. The cost includes lunch. To register go to and follow the College For Kids Registration form under the Quick Links section. For more information call (970) 339-6492 or e-mail

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