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Brush up on math skills with new non-credit course at Aims

Submitted on: 06-01-2009

It's a fact: Most people need to brush up on their math skills before they begin college-level courses. Aims Community College is offering a non-credit course that will help bring people up to speed on fractions, decimals and percentages. The $40 class is self-paced, computer-based and includes 40 hours of instruction. "This is a great option for someone who is returning to school or someone who has placed in a lower-level class after taking the assessment test," said Marsha Harmon, program coordinator. "With just a little brush up, many students may be able to test into a higher-level math course, saving them the time and money necessary to complete the lower-level courses." For more information on the Math Brush Up course, contact Harmon at or call (970) 339-6390.

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