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Aims Automotive & Technology Center receives LEED Certified designation

Submitted on: 11-01-2010

The Aims Automotive & Technology Center recently was designated as a LEED Certified structure by the US Green Building Council. "The inherent requirements of an automotive center create unique challenges in designing to LEED specifications," Aims Chief Facilities Management Officer said David Laurence. "That, along with the fact that this is the college's first LEED Certified building, make this designation even more poignant for the college, as it sets the bar for our future construction projects and further establishes Aims as a green college." Located northwest of the intersection of US 34 and CR 17 in Windsor, the 45,000-square-foot building was designed and built to maximize energy efficiency, use renewable resources, and minimize the impact on the environment. During construction, recycled and locally manufactured materials were used, and 95 percent of the construction waste was recycled. A high-efficiency HVAC system maximizes energy efficiency along with occupancy-controlled lighting that ensures energy is not wasted during unoccupied times. Low-flow plumbing fixtures and native, drought-tolerant landscaping reduce water consumption. In addition to offering general education classes such as science, math and English, the Aims Automotive & Technology Center continues to expand training in alternative fuel vehicle technology.

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