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Human2Human final spring workshops

Submitted on: 03-26-2013

Aims Community College announces the H2H presentations to foster understanding of different perspectives on current trends and topics with two final workshops on March 29 and April 5.

H2H presents “Through the Looking Glass; A Journey Toward Global Citizenship” on Friday, March 29 from 12pm – 1:30pm in Beaty Hall Theater (room 102). Lunch provided. 

Sarah Wyscaver facilitates this engaging session; which seeks to increase insight into recent research illustrating how college students develop, integrate, and illuminate their local knowledge and wisdom on their journeys to understanding their roles as global and to explore how they can practice global citizenship in an authentic and meaningful way. 

H2H presents “Phoenix Rising; Therapeutic Poetry and the Written Word” on Friday, April 5 from   12pm – 1:30pm in Beaty Hall Theater (room 102). Lunch provided.
Art from Ashes presents a workshop designed to help you learn to express yourself with purpose. Using specific poetry prompts to tap into the imaginative right brain, participants will begin to understand their creative power and can be guided into an awareness of their value and recognition of their purpose. Participants will learn about the remarkable ability to use poetry to build self-confidence.

For information, contact Jennifer Naimark at (970) 339-6649.

Both workshops are offered as part of the Human2Human Diversity Series in conjunction with the Diversity Council, Associated Students, and Center for Professional Development. The views presented at this program do not necessarily represent those of Aims Community College or the Associated Students of Aims.

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