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Aims graduates its first group of practical nurses

Submitted on: 08-16-2004

Aims Community College graduated its first group of practical nursing students this summer, sending 20 on to further their education and several others into the work force with jobs in hand. The 31 students participated in a “pinning” ceremony Aug. 1 at the Aims Corporate Education Center. “Pinning is very symbolic,” said nursing instructor Katrina Shermock. “Every nursing school has a specific pin that shows which school the student came from. Traditionally, pins were much more important in the past. This first group at Aims is neat because they got to choose the pin that Aims will use to start its own tradition.” Graduates will still have to pass the National Council on Licensure examination for practical nurses to work in the field as licensed practical nurses. The students who choose to further their education hope to do so at Aims, which just received state approval for a Registered Nursing program to begin this semester. “This marks a milestone for Aims in that it is the college’s very first class in the program that was started in 2003 to alleviate the growing nursing shortage, which not only affects our community but our nation as a whole,” said Carl Janz, a nursing student at Aims. “As we all know, the Baby Boomers are one of the largest sectors of today’s population, and there are many nurses among them coming upon retirement age.” This group is composed of traditional and non-traditional students, from single parents to grandparents and people changing careers. One student gave up a prominent career as a company executive for a major Weld County business to complete the program at Aims to become a nurse. “Most of these people have had a lot of different struggles during this program. Some are single parents, a couple of have had babies. We’ve had deaths. It’s a true picture of what people go through in life,” Shermock said. “A lot of these graduates had to overcome a few obstacles to get where they are and we are so proud of their accomplishments. “They will all make great nurses.” The graduates are: Rachel Anthony, Greeley Rhonda Bennett, La Salle Jeff Brown, Greeley Rebekah Cannon, Greeley Ashlee Chipps, Greeley Joel DeCamp, Evans Heide Duran-Pacheco, Evans Dinorah Guerrero, Greeley Michelle Ismael, Evans Julie Korhonen, Fort Collins Kristy Lee, Greeley April Lozano, Evans Amanda Malchow, Johnstown Amanda Martinez, Evans Jennifer Mommer, Fort Collins Jason Nelson, Greeley Deborah Pingle, Johnstown Krista Pugh, Evans Patricia Rangel, Greeley Dawndee Schmunk, Greeley Heather Sedelmeier, Fort Collins Maria Sorensen, Greeley Julie Stewart, Eaton Lara Sturgeon, Greeley Elida Trevino, Greeley Jeanette Troudt, La Salle Jessica Vigil, Greeley Autumn Villarreal, Evans Lynette Weizenegger, Greeley Dianne Lynn Wenberg, Greeley Carolyn Whitmer, Greeley

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