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Aims and District 6 Work to Reduce Remediation Rates

Submitted on: 05-15-2014

Aims and District 6 Work to Reduce Remediation Rates


GREELEY – State Remediation Rates Down Overall and Locally, Aims Community College Partners with District 6 to Reduce Remediation Rates

May 15, 2014 – The number of Colorado high school graduates needing remediation when they entered college dropped 3 percentage points in 2012-2013 over the previous year, according to this year’s remedial report.

The drop reflects the impact of a variety of innovative initiatives aimed at reducing the remedial rate, such as concurrent enrollment, which allows high school students to earn college credit while still enrolled in high school, and a major statewide overhaul of developmental education programs. Aims Community College has partnered with Greeley-Evans School District 6 to support such innovation and lead efforts in Concurrent Enrollment, Career Academy and the possible creation of an Early College High School within District 6.

Remedial education remains a challenge in the Greeley area. Students funneled into remedial courses have far lower completion rates than those students not required to take a remedial course. Hispanic, black and low-income students are disproportionately represented as needing remediation. Almost 78 percent of Hispanic students enrolled at a two-year college required remedial education compared to 38 percent at four-year institutions. Locally, the remediation rate for students coming out of the Greeley area remains at approximately 47%, as compared to the statewide average of 37%.

As such Aims Community College is working to impact positive change in its continued collaboration with District 6.  “Many factors play into remediation rates, including that the state standards that we are required to meet don’t always align with the entrance exams colleges use,” said District 6 Superintendent Dr. Ranelle Lang. “That’s why creating relationships with our local colleges and universities is so important. It helps us better understand the skills they require and it helps our students to be successful once they leave District 6. It’s about giving students opportunity and choice, and really creating a K-16 system.”

Though remediation rates remain at approximately 64% overall for 2-year colleges and 67% at Aims, calculating the number of Greeley students that come to Aims Community College puts the remediation number for District 6 students attending Aims at approximately 47%. This number has decreased since last year; which is a good sign that the partnerships are working. For the first time, statewide, remedial students had higher first-year retention rates than non-remedial students at community colleges. Approximately 62 percent of all remedial courses were completed successfully, an increase over last year’s 59 percent.

This demonstrates that the current innovative and dynamic programs such as concurrent enrollment and career academy are having some positive impact. Dr. Liddell, President and CEO of Aims Community College has expressed that Aims Community College looks forward to continued innovation in programs like Early College High School, a potential joint venture between District 6 and Aims to increase college preparedness, retention and graduation.

Aims is able to deliver these courses for a cost-effective rate that is approximately 24% below the state average cost per credit hour and deliver results. According to the report; “In order to reach this goal (reduced need for remediation) and for Colorado to have an educated workforce to fill the 74% of jobs that will require a college degree by 2020, it is no longer enough to get students to college. Nearly all college students must be successful and earn a certificate or degree.”

Aims Community College has created several new certificate and degree programs designed to help students be job ready for growing industries in our area. In fact, according a to recent Forbes report, Greeley was ranked fifth best out of the 240 metropolitan statistical areas with less than 150,000 jobs in the country for 2014. Forbes used data from the Bureau of Labor statistics showing that Greeley had 92,000 jobs in 2013 and a job growth rate of 5.6%, as well as a job growth rate of 12.2% from 2008-2013. 

This is good news for Greeley as Aims continues its strong efforts to support the growth of the community and the successful education of its students through programs like the Career Pathways program at District 6. Further, Aims has implemented specific career and industry focused programs that nurture the success of in-district students and seek to eliminate remediation as a barrier to student success.



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