Public Safety / Security

Current Safety Programs

The Public Safety Page

The Public Safety page shows policies related to Safety, Crime Stats, and Emergency Plan.  This page also includes lighting concerns, how to report crimes, safety escorts, key service, lost and found, and sex offender registry links.

  • Report a Concern:  We rely on a concerted effort in the reporting and investigating criminal activity and inappropriate behavior or conduct.  If you see an incident falling into one or more of these categories, then we invite you to report it.  You can submit a report in person to our security team and/or anonymously by completing an on line incident report form. 

    Report a Concern
    You can also call (970) 539-2171 or (970) 339-6474.  Always dial 911 first if it is an emergency.  
  • Aims entered into an agreement with the Weld County Sheriff’s Office to provide Law Enforcement Services at our campuses.  The Campus Resource Officers are available during our normal operating hours and are the primary agency responsible for investigating criminal activity on our campuses, with exception of our Loveland Campus. Our Loveland Campus is serviced by the Loveland Police Department. 
  • Aims College fields a dedicated and trained security team at each one of our campus locations. These team members are armed and available to provide security escorts to and from the campus parking lots or between buildings.  They can also put you in contact with the correct law enforcement agency if you need assistance.  

Aims Emergency Alerting System and Security APP

  • RAVE and Alertus: Includes emergency text messaging, email, and voicemail notification system called “Rave”.  Alert messages can be sent out during a crisis to inform our community.  Additionally, Aims uses a new system called Alertus.  This system sends messages to prepositioned emergency beacons located in most hallways and on any computer on the Aims secure network.  The beacon emits an alert tone and also flashes with red LED lights to grab your attention.  Additionally, the college’s computer screens will be filled with the emergency message and the action you need to take.
  • Aims Guardian:   Aims Guardian is an application (APP) that works on any smart phone using the Android or IPhone systems. When you use the APP to contact Campus Security during an emergency, it shows them important information, such as your name & location. This dramatically increases the odds they can find and help you.  Aims Guardian can also be used as a virtual campus escort. When you're crossing campus alone you can set a Guardian timer on your phone day or night. When you arrive at your destination, deactivate it and campus security will never know you used the service.
  • Emergency Call Boxes: There are numerous “Emergency Call Towers/Boxes” at our campuses (except Loveland).  These can be used to immediately contact a 911 operator during an emergency.

Other Programs

  • Threat and Violence Assessment Team meets twice a month; active involvement by senior managers who review potential threats
  • Large “Mall Maps” posted at each entrance w/ emergency procedures and safety info
  • Emergency Operations Plan updated and reviewed annually (posted on line)
  • Safety Committee meets monthly to identify and mitigate hazards
  • Building Coordinators in each building identified and trained on how to lead building occupants during emergencies
  • Drill program active including, monthly drills for all conceivable incidents (lock down, shelter in place, evacuation, fire drill, and hazmat response)
  • Training with surrounding Emergency Response agencies including WCSO, K-9, GPD,  Loveland Fire, Loveland PD, WCPS, Ft Lupton Fire, Ft Lupton PD,  Windsor PD
  • Each building has multiple fire and intrusion alarm systems
  • Robust Closed Caption Television systems in our buildings; system helps deter crime and is also used during investigations
  • Emergency Back-up Communications Radio system in use-tested monthly
  • Ability to control building HVAC and door access remotely
  • Telecom PA/Intercom into all classrooms, most offices, and some corridors
  • Digital phones with 911 panic button installed in all offices and classrooms
  • Hazardous Material/Hazardous Waste State of Colorado permits valid
  • Numerous Safety related classes offered-Suspicious Package, Workplace Violence, Personal Safety, ID Theft, Robbery/Shoplifting, Active Shooter, Stress in the Workplace, Fire Extinguisher use