Public Safety / Security

Drill Program Information

  • Severe Weather Drill - means a drill which the occupants seek shelter appropriate to the severe weather threat, such as blizzard, electrical storm, or tornado.

  • Fire Drill - means occupants will exit the building once the alarm is activated and proceed to the assembly points designated on the Emergency Operations Plan.  Certain exits might be blocked due to fire or smoke.  Also, in the event of a system failure of the alarms, a fire drill can be announced in other ways.

  • Specific Egress Drill - means certain exits will be blocked by safety personnel and all occupants will be required to exit through one side of the building or one specific exit.
  • Lockdown Drill - means a drill where the occupants are restricted to the interior of the building and the exterior is secured.  This is primarily because of the presence of an armed individual on campus.

  • Shelter-In-Place Drill - means a drill where the occupants seek shelter in the school building from an external threat from hazardous materials.

  • Building Collapse Drill - means a certain section of the building has or is going to collapse and the occupants will need to exit out a specific area as directed by the safety teams. 

  • Earthquake Drill -  means a drill in which the occupants of the school seek shelter to protect themselves from falling debris and other hazards associated with the earthquake

***Fire Alarm Systems will be tested for Audible and Visual performance, but not necessarily during a drill.