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Aims Loveland campus celebrates where art and science meet

A two-story mural celebrating “where art and science meet” was dedicated on Sept. 21 at Aims Community College in Loveland.

The mural is a cooperative effort of the City of Loveland Art in Public Places Program, Aims Community College, the Erion Foundation, Mueller and Associates CPA, and Jeff and Mary Hiatt of the Bonnell Building. A call for proposals was sent out over the summer, and artists were asked to submit a design for the mural based on the “where art and science meet” theme.

Stephanie Ruelas of Johnstown submitted the winning design. Ruelas also just happens to be an Aims student. Her design evokes a moonlit night with birds in flight. Science is woven into the mural using both DNA code and the Fibonacci mathematical sequence.

“This has been such an amazing blessing and I feel so grateful,” Ruelas said. “This came from my first design class so it’s a really special thing for me to see something I made and something from my heart. This whole experience has been so moving.”

Sheldon James, a professional muralist, oversaw the project, which called for transferring Ruelas’ proposal into a 30 by 50-foot brick wall that faces west. Local elementary and middle school students helped with the project.

Stop by and see the mural at the Loveland campus, located at 104 East 4th Street in downtown Loveland.