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Learn About ASSET

After 10 years of work by Colorado legislators, the ASSET Bill (Senate Bill 33) was passed with bi-partisan support in the Colorado Legislature and signed into law by Governor John Hickenlooper in the late spring of this year. With the signing of this bill, undocumented students will be offered in state tuition and the opportunity to pursue an education at public colleges in Colorado if they meet the requirements to be eligible. Aims is proud to participate and is working to set up processes that to help determine if students are eligible and help them qualify for an affordable education.

For more information visit Colorado ASSET, the home of the Colorado Higher Education Access Alliance (HEAA) at www.coloradoasset.com. Students, parents, college officials, high school teachers, counselors, and members of the public can get information on this site about how ASSET is being implemented locally and Statewide.

At Aims, we welcome those students who have already applied, registered and qualified for the program and look forward to assisting many more to pursue their educational dream. If you would like to see if you qualify or get more information about the SB33 and Aims, please contact Mario at 970-339-6239 or Aims Admissions at 970-330-8008.