About Aims

Professor Jim Crandall

  • A.A.S, Liberal Arts, Aims Community College
  • B.A., Communication, University of Wisconsin
  • M.A., Communication, University of Wisconsin
  • Board of Directors, Broadcast Education Association

Greg Driskill, Media Producer

  • A.A., Media emphasis, Aims Community College
  • B.F.A., Film, University of Colorado
  • Club Advisor of the Year, Aims Video Production Club

David Farrell, Instructor

  • B.A., Musical Performance, University of Northern Colorado
  • M.S.R.A., University of Colorado, Denver (ABT)

Dev Multer, Senior Media Producer

  • A.A.S., Aims Community College
  • B.A., Journalism, University of Northern Colorado
  • M.A., Educational Technology, University of Northern Colorado

Comm Media: Wired for sound and video

When a student comes into our studios with an idea, Aims has the equipment and facilities where they can realize anything that they envision."  –David Farrell

Our students really benefit from the quality and amount of our equipment, but more importantly the willingness of instructors to have the students use that equipment to its fullest potential.” –Greg Driskill

We’re here to help students meet their goals—fulfill their dreams.” –Jim Crandall

We have one of the best equipped television and audio facilities in Colorado.” –Dev Multer

Career and Technical programs at Aims are designed to train students in the latest technologies preparing them to quickly enter the workforce with the skills today’s employers demand.

The Aims Communication Media department is wired for sound — and video. Think 24-track SSL digital audio console, two television studios, HD video cameras, a full-blown automated radio station, and the latest in production software like After Effects, Final Cut Pro, LightWave and ProTools. And, just like a library, students can checkout the high-end video and audio equipment so they can work on their projects at home, or wherever it is their vision takes them.  

As chair of the Comm Media Department, Professor Jim Crandall is proud to point out the growth of the program over the 18 years he’s been at Aims, in numbers of students, facilities and in technology. “We are very fortunate that we are able to keep our facilities equipped with the leading-edge technology,” he said. “And, while our equipment is phenomenal, it is our faculty members that truly make us shine.”

Professor Crandall said that a unique aspect of the Comm Media curriculum at Aims is that so much of it is hand-on right away. You don’t have to wait until your junior year to dig in to the technology. “In most of our classes, there is very little lecture—it’s all about learning by doing things,” he said. “In this field of study, that is how students are able to market their skills when they graduate.”

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