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Trustees Put a Freeze on Tuition Rates

The Board of Trustees for Aims Community College voted unanimously at their March 6 meeting to keep tuition rates flat for a second year in a row. In-district tuition rates will remain at $67.36 per credit for the 2013-2014 academic year, the Board determined, and out-of-district rates will hold steady at $105.73 per credit.

“In a fiscal climate where many higher education institutions are passing cost burdens on to students in the form of increased tuition rates, Aims Community College has been able to stay true to our mission of providing the best education at the most affordable cost,” said Aims Interim Chief Financial Officer Jim McLaughlin.

The Board additionally agreed to suspend a $10 per-credit technology fee and a $20 per-semester infrastructure fee for 2013-14.

“Because we are seeing improvements in the economy, particularly regionally, but also statewide, Aims is able to hold tuition rates flat and mitigate fees that have paid for what they were intended,” said Aims President Marsi Liddell. “We are very fortunate that our Board of Trustees has the wherewithal to ensure that student success is our driving force.”