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Learning College Information

What is a Learning College?

“The learning college places learning first and provides educational experiences for learners anyway, anyplace,
Terry O’Banion

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What is the role of a Learning College?

“The role of the Learning College at Aims Community College is to contribute and shape scenarios that empower learning through discovery, shared learning environments, and construction of knowledge.”
Learning College Vision Statement

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What are the Learning College objectives at Aims Community College?

The overall Learning College objective at Aims Community College is that students and employees engage in learning collectively.

Specific objectives used as a framework for developing and assessing Aims learning initiatives are:

  • Organizational Culture: Aims cultivates an organizational culture where policies, programs, practices, and personnel support learning as a major priority.
  • Staff Recruitment & Development: Aims creates or expands (a) recruitment and hiring programs to ensure that new staff and faculty are learning centered and (b) professional development programs that prepare all staff and faculty to become more effective facilitators of learning.
  • Technology: Aims uses information technology to improve and expand student learning.
  • Learning Outcomes: Aims addresses strategies to assess and improve learning outcomes, improve assessment processes that measure the acquisition of the learning outcomes, and improve on means for documenting achievement of outcomes.
  • Underprepared Students: Aims creates and expands learning centered programs and strategies to ensure the success of underprepared students.

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How does Aims Community College promote learning?

Aims Community College promotes the Seven Principles for Good Practices in Undergraduate Education:

  • Encouragement of contact between students and faculty.
  • Development of reciprocity and cooperation among students.
  • Encouragement of active learning.
  • Receipt of prompt feedback.
  • Emphasis of time on task.
  • Communication of high expectations.
  • Respect of diverse talents and ways of learning.
    Adopted from Arthur W. Chickering and Zelda F. Gamson (1987)

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What beliefs does the Aims Learning College embrace?

  • Everyone is capable
  • Students need clear goals
  • Empowerment = Responsibility
  • Increased engagement improves learning
  • Learning is multidimensional
  • Students have multiple learning styles
  • People learn from each other
  • Success is achieved incrementally
  • Diversity improves learning
  • Change is good
  • Pioneering innovation
  • Student involvement
  • Open System vs. Closed Process
  • Get out of the box