Oil and Gas Technology

John Mangin
Department Chair 
Construction Management Faculty
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Bruce Beardsley
Grant Director
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Ashley Valenzuela-Ruesgen
Business Outreach and Internship Coordinator
Applied and Environmental Technologies
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The oil and gas industry is investing millions of dollars into developing the oil and gas resources in Weld County. This activity will be creating good-paying jobs in our own backyards for the next 20 to 30 years. New technologies and a trained workforce are driving the growth of America's energy companies.

Aims Community College in conjunction with the Department of Labor are investing millions of dollars in building a state of the art training facility, to teach you the needed skills to become a part of this growing industry. We are working with industry leaders to provide the right courses that will help you begin a great career. A few of these areas of study include:

  • Oil and Gas Production
  • Process Technology
  • Energy Technology
  • Team Building
  • Safety and Loss Prevention
  • Geographic Information Systems

Employers are hiring people who know the industry from the ground up.

Essential Skills

Check out the essential skills guide which is a list of commonly encountered qualities and skills typically necessary to be successful in a particular program or area of interest.