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Aviation Faculty:

Vaughn Hanson
Chief Flight Instructor
(970) 356-0790

Vaughn Hanson earned his B.S. degree in psychology from the University of Northern Colorado before coming to Aims in 2001. He received his A.A.S. Professional Pilot degree from Aims in 2003.

Vaughn teaches Aims single-engine, multi-engine and instrument airplane courses.

Mike Joy

Mike Joy grew up in Denver and came to Aims in February 2003. He earned a B.S. in Aviation Management from Metropolitan State College and holds several certifications, including:
  • Airframe and Power Plant, Emily Griffith Opportunity School
  • Airline Transport Pilot Certificate, Multi-Engine Airplane
  • Commercial Pilot Certificate, Single-Engine Airplane, Helicopter
  • Flight Instructor Certificate, Single and Multi-Engline Instrument Airplane, Helicopter
  • Airframe and Power Plant Certificate
Mike teaches lots of flight instruction as well as corporate, charter, air ambulance, cargo and crop spraying.