Communication Media

Administrative Office:
Ed Beaty Hall
Room 116

Program Chair:
Jim Crandall
(970) 339-6339


Communications Media Faculty and Staff:

Jim Crandall
(970) 339-6339

Jim Crandall began his life in the Communication Media field as a student at Aims. After receiving his Associate of Arts degree in 1988, Jim attended the University of Wisconsin at Stevens Point where he earned a Bachelor of Arts and Master of Arts in Communication – double majoring in broadcast and organizational communication for both degrees.

While at UWSP, Jim taught speech and television production courses as well as working in the University’s video production unit. Jim also did freelance work with Wausau Insurance, one of the top video production facilities in Central Wisconsin. Along with video production work, Jim worked with the education department at UWSP in developing UWSP’s distance education program; writing two manuals for instructors and technicians.

Jim joined the staff and part-time faculty of Aims Community College in 1994, and became a full-time member of the faculty in 1998. He enjoys teaching the many students in the Communication Media program as well as being chair of the department. He is also on the Board of Directors for the Broadcast Education Association.

Greg Driskill
Senior Media Producer
(970) 339-6677

Greg produces a wide range of programming for Aims including, marketing pieces, event coverage, and distance education classes.

He is knowledgeable in many aspects of video production. His skills include script design, field and studio taping, editing and post effects. Greg truly enjoys the creative aspects of his job in production. To form a basic idea into a working production is both exciting and rewarding.

David Farrell
(970) 339-6287

As a life-long musician, I'd been involved in music technology and recording in one form or another for many years.

I heard Aims was looking for some part-time instructors to teach audio classes and I thought I might like teaching. When the opportunity for a full time position arose, I applied and here I am.

Dev Multer
(970) 339-6483

Dev has been at Aims since 1990.

He teaches Intro to Digital Effects, 3D Modeling and Animation and Advanced 3D Modeling and Animation, and Digital Video Editing.