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EKG Technician Certificate

EKG technicians work in hospitals, cardiac rehabilitation facilities, physician's offices and sports medicine facilities. The internship is 60 hours in length and includes observation at a cardiac rehabilitation center as well as the cardiac catheterization lab. This certificate is a great addition to the EMT Basic Certificate, Medical Assisting or Phlebotomy Certificate and is strongly recommended for students planning to further their career as a Paramedic.

What are the prerequisites for an EKG Technician Certificate?

**Copies of all documents are due to Stacey Tekansik before the prerequisite due date. If you have questions, please contact Stacey directly at 970-339-6397 or stacey.tekansik@aims.edu. Documentation may either be hand delivered or scanned and emailed. Students whose prerequisites are not completed by the due date, will be administratively dropped from the course.

What are the Essential Skills of an EKG Technician?

Check out the essential skills guide which is a list of commonly encountered qualities and skills typically necessary to be successful in a particular program or area of interest.

What class do I need to register for?

  • EMS 231 Paramedic Cardiology (5 credits)
  • The following semester, students must register for: HPR 180 (EKG Internship) 2 credits

    *Internship must be completed in order to receive EKG Technician Certificate.

Please refer to the online schedule of classes for specific dates, times, and pertinent course registration information.

**Students will only be allowed to register for EKG Internship with department approval after all prerequisites are completed and turned in to Stacey Tekansik.

Do I need assessment scores to register for the EKG Technician Certificate?

Contact Kristie Cordes at 970-339-6582 or kristie.skala@aims.edu with questions regarding assessment scores.

What is the Release of Confidential Information and Notice of Previous Expulsion?

Release of Confidential Information

  • Students enrolled in programs requiring clinical or experiential rotations in allied health fields will be required to sign a release of confidential information so that if the student engages in misconduct, the information and records relating to the misconduct can be shared with regulatory agencies responsible for licensure in the program area.

Previous Expulsion

  • If you have previously been enrolled in an Aims program with a clinical component and have been expelled from a clinical site, you are expelled from ALL Aims programs with clinical components. Any attempt to seek entry into one of these programs after an expulsion is at your own risk. You will be removed from the program at the time the previous expulsion is discovered and you will forfeit all tuition and fees paid up to that point. If you have questions, please contact the academic dean.