Emergency Medical Services

EMS Department Office:
(970) 339-6397

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Emergency Medical Responder


Emergency Medical Responder (EMR) replaces First Responder in accordance with the National EMS Scope of Practice Model.  Emergency Medical Responders are trained to provide immediate and initial care while awaiting the arrival of EMS response and also assist personnel with higher level training at the scene of an incident.  EMR's receive basic training in the following general areas:
  • Airway and Breathing Care
  • Medical
  • Cardiac Care
  • Trauma Care

What classes do I need to register for?

EMS 115: Emergency Medical Responder – 3 Credits

What are the prerequisites for the EMR program?

Apply to Aims and be a registered student. Follow directions on the prospective student page.

Students must obtain CPR certification prior to registering for this course. CPR must be American Heart Association BLS for Healthcare Providers. Evidence of CPR certification must be provided to Stacey Tekansik in AHS 102.

Information on CPR courses

Do I need assessment scores to take EMR?

Students must have a college level reading score on file with the Assessment Center in order to take EMR. This can be completed in one of the following ways:

  1. Accuplacer reading score of 80 or above
  2. ACT reading score of 17
  3. SAT verbal score of 430
  4. Completion of reading 090 (with a “C” or greater) or equivalent

Assessment score information must be provided to the testing center in the college center. Visit the testing center web site for further information.

What if I have other questions regarding EMR?

Essential Skills

Check out the essential skills guide which is a list of commonly encountered qualities and skills typically necessary to be successful in a particular program or area of interest.

For any additional questions regarding EMR courses, contact Nick Betz at nick.betz@aims.edu or (970) 339-6696.