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Students may not register for Phlebotomy until they have attended a mandatory information session and completed all the prerequisite requirements. 

Information sessions are held on the 2nd Tuesday of every month at 12:00pm or 5:00pm in the Allied Health Building, downstairs in the basement.

Phlebotomists are trained to draw blood in labs, hospitals, and physician's offices. The phlebotomy program is two semesters long. Phlebotomy is a 8-credit program and consists of lecture/lab class that meets two days a week the first semester and a 120 hour internship the second semester. Upon successful completion of the lecture/lab class, students are eligible to participate in a 120 hour internship at a lab working with actual patients. Students must make themselves available five days per week for the length of the internship. Supplies for the Phlebotomy program can be purchased at the Aims Bookstore, medical stores, or various department/discount stores throughout the area.


  • Textbooks
  • Black scrubs
  • Comfortable closed toe shoes
  • One box of gloves (Latex free)

Students must register for:

  • First Semester
    HPR 112 (lecture) 4 credits

  • Second semester
    HPR 180 (internship) 4 credits (upon successful completion of HPR 112 lecture/lab)

If you are interested in taking the Phlebotomy Program, please review the following pages for instructions on mandatory prerequisite requirements and registration information.

  1. Assessment Scores
  2. CPR Certification
  3. Immunizations
  4. Background Check and UA
  5. Release of Confidential Information and Previous Expulsion Notice
  6. Program Prerequisite Due Dates
  7. Registration Information

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