Fire Science

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Program and Course Outcomes

Program Outcomes

  1. Graduates will be able to explain and demonstrate fire inspection practices as they relate to:
    • Fixed Fire Protection Systems
    • Building Plans & Construction
    • Fire Codes

  2. Graduates will successfully demonstrate communications skills necessary to competitively compete in oral board assessments.

  3. Graduates will be able to manage an emergency incident using appropriate strategies and tactics while adhering to applicable safety standards.

  4. Graduates will demonstrate a working knowledge of fire apparatus maintenance, fire pump operations, and mobile water supply.

  5. Graduates will demonstrate the ability to conduct a basic fire investigation.

  6. Graduates will understand and be able to explain the company officer's role in the fire service.

  7. Graduates will understand and be able to explain key legal aspects of the emergency services and how they play a role in the career of a firefighter.

  8. Graduates will demonstrate critical thinking skills, comparison of key concepts covered in the curriculum, integration of the course objectives and outcomes in the degree curriculum along with expression of communication skills.

Fire Science Annual Report

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