Graphic Design & Rich Media

Program Chair:
Lori Ford
Ed Beaty Hall 126c
(970) 339-6329


Choose a program that excites you and gives you the opportunity to use your creativity through design and technology. The Aims Graphic Design and Rich Media program will show you how to communicate using typography, color, photography and illustrations together for print, web and animation design.

Possible career opportunities include:

  • Graphic Design
  • Graphic Artist
  • Page Layout
  • Web Design
  • Animation (2D and 3D)

If you are interested in communications and how ideas, art, graphics and color are creatively reproduced onto paper and the web, then consider a degree in Graphic Design and Rich Media or Web Design and Development. Or, check out our certificate options.

Essential Skills

Check out the essential skills guide which is a list of commonly encountered qualities and skills typically necessary to be successful in a particular program or area of interest.