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Graphic Design &Rich Media


 Brian Dunning
Professor, Department Chair
(970) 339-6479

Brian has been teaching at Aims since Fall 2000. He was hired to head up the Interactive Design program which is now known as Rich Media and includes more web design than animations.

The graphics department has changed a lot over the years as we constantly update the program to meet current changes in the industry. Prior to coming to Aims, Brian taught at the Art Institute of Colorado, Denver, in the Computer Animation department for three and a half years.

Brian earned a B.F.A. in Visual Arts from Cornish Institute with a focus on Drawing and Sculpture. He says he is a non-traditionalist and built drawing machines that were more than 15 feet tall with a drawing circumference of 10 feet on the ground for his thesis project. It was another six years before he found himself back in college at the Colorado Institute of Art (now AIC) for a necessary refresher to bring his computer graphics skills up to par. He earned a degree in Industrial Design and went to work for Johnson Engineering in Boulder from 1995-1997. After a layoff, he quickly responded to an opening at AIC, his alma mater, for an instructor position in the Computer Animation department where he taught for four years, working mainly in 3D modeling, animation and graphics.

Looking back on this period in his life, Brian says he can see the merit of what we do for our students at Aims and how important it is to get people retrained and back on their feet in a career that is responsive to changes in this industry.

Brian teaches Animation and Computer Graphics classes in the Interactive Design program at the Greeley campus.

 Lori Ford
(970) 339-6329

Lori has taught in the Graphic Technology department since 1985 on the Greeley Campus. She teaches classes in Graphic Technology and related topics.

 Colleen Martin
(970) 339-6301

Colleen has her B.A. in Art from Metropolitan State College (Denver), her M.A. in Visual Arts (Computer Graphic Arts) from the University of Northern Colorado and a certificate in Graphic Technology from Aims. She has taught since 1998. She is also a working artist, showing her digital collages and welded sculptures throughout Colorado.

Colleen teaches Adobe software classes as well as Typography and Layout, Business for Creatives and graphic design production classes.