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Welcome Message from Erika

Dear Prospective Nursing Students:

Aims Community College is a "learning-centered" institution. Students are expected to be active participants in the learning process which will lead to educational success. The nursing faculty are committed and eager to guide and assist as needed.

A commitment to excellence is the expectation of the nursing profession, and students in the Aims Community College Nursing Program are required to demonstrate this commitment throughout the educational process. Students are challenged every step of the way. The nursing curriculum is rigorous; the theory, campus laboratory, and clinical experiences are designed to provide students with the necessary foundation to practice as a registered nurse. It will be necessary to pay attention to detail, follow directions regarding assignments, and set aside an appropriate amount of time for reading, study, and comprehension of the complex material under study.

Please take some time and browse the Nursing website. If after viewing the website Nursing sounds like a program of study in which you are interested, you are required to view the “Mandatory Online Orientation for - Admission Consideration” and follow the instructions outlined in the orientation presentation.

Best wishes in your educational endeavors!

Erika Greenberg, MSN, RN
Interim Director of Nursing Education Programs

Nursing Program Overview and Admission Information


Notice of Protocol for Students Banned from Clinical Sites

Please be advised that if you currently are or previously have been enrolled in a program with a clinical component and have been expelled from one of our clinical affiliates, you are expelled from all programs at the College with a clinical component. Any attempt to seek entry, enrollment or matriculation into these programs after such a dismissal is at your own risk. You will be removed from the program at the time that the expulsion is discovered and all tuition fees paid to that point shall be forfeited by you. If you have any questions about this particular issue, you are encouraged to contact the program chair prior to enrolling.