Surgical Technology

Program Chair:
Mark Urso
(970) 339-6539

Program Information
(STE Online Orientation)

If you are seeking information about the Surgical Technology (STE) program, please view the STE Online Orientation video found at the link below. The orientation is for informational and directional purposes…viewing the orientation video does not commit you to participate in the program in any way. However, if you decide that you want to move forward with pursuing the Surgical Technology program, viewing the orientation and following all the steps it outlines is required.


  • The Surgical Technology Orientation is currently being revised and updated for 2016-2017 academic year. It is tentatively scheduled to be available June 2016. Details regarding general education requirements can be found by click on the link below “Program General Education”. If you need assistance with summer or fall 2016 course registration, please visit to review the steps for enrolling at Aims Community College.

Program General Education: