Honors Program

Honors Program

Program Coordinator
Dr. Richard Hanks
(970) 339-6513

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Honors Program Courses

Which courses are offered as (for?) Honors? 

Honors-Only courses are sometimes called "stand-alone" classes because all students in the class engage in honors-level work

Honors Contract courses are regular courses that offer an honors experience for up to five students per class. Students interested in earning the Honors designation for a course are expected to complete a contract with their instructor outlining additional coursework, in the format of a semester-long research, leadership, or service-learning project. Instructors present this opportunity the first week of class.  Once the contract is completed to the satisfaction of the instructor and the Honors Committee, the student’s transcript will reflect completion of the Honors section of that course.

Current and Upcoming Class Schedules*

*Class lists for upcoming semesters may not be available yet.