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Honors Program

Program Coordinator
Dr. Richard Hanks
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Vicky Bollenbacher, Ph.D.
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Vicky is a 1991 graduate of the University of Houston Honors Program, B.A., magna cum laude in political science.  She went on to attend the University Law Center before earning her doctorate in political science in 1998.  She was worked in non-profit research and higher education and has been teaching political science, philosophy and women’s studies since 1995.  Her interests and fields of expertise are American politics, public policy and political theory.  She teaches a variety of courses including American Government, Comparative Politics, International Relations, and Women’s Studies.  She is chairperson of the Department of Social Sciences and Coordinator for the Aims Community College Honors Program. 


Holly Hartwick

Sue Beecher
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Richard Hanks, Psy.D.
Richard grew up in Southern California and received his BA in Experimental Psychology from the University of California at Santa Barbara. He then came to Greeley for graduate school and earned a Master's and a Doctorate in counseling psychology from the University of Northern Colorado.


Professionally he is a licensed psychologist and has worked in several agencies and in private practice. Richard has been a full-time faculty member at Aims since 2002 and he teaches many of the psychology classes offered at Aims.


Richard Hanks


Shawna Washam, Ph.D.
(970) 339-6346

Shawna earned a Ph.D. in psychology from Colorado State University in 1992 and is particularly interested in cognitive neuropsychology, adult learners, leadership development, and environmental psychology. She teaches a variety of classes including General Psychology, Intro to Neuropsychology, Human Growth and Development, Adjustment, Abnormal, and Child Development, and is in the process of developing Psychology of Leadership and Environmental Psychology courses for Aims. Shawna serves on the Honors Program Committee and is the faculty advisor for Phi Theta Kappa.

She enjoys yoga and tae kwon do, reading mysteries, quilting, knitting and crocheting, beading, camping, and traveling when she can. She and her husband have two children and one Jack Russell.


Tracey Trenam