Program Chair:
Marsha Driskill
Ed Beaty Hall 134
(970) 339-6637


Math Faculty and Staff:

Randy Boan
(970) 339-6598

Randy has been at Aims since 1993, teaching algebra, calculus, statistics, physics and astronomy.

He advises in mathematics and pre-engineering.

Marsha Driskill
(970) 339-6637

Marsha has taught Mathematics at Aims since 1990.

She teaches algebra, trigonometry, calculus, liberal arts math and education classes. She advises mathematics students, education majors and undeclared students.

Tom Griffin
Professor, Geology
(970) 330-8008 x3311

Tom Griffin started teaching at Aims in 1991. He completed his graduate studies through Kansas State University and studied the geological origin and evolution of the San Isabel batholith in Colorado.

Tom teaches geology courses at the Aims Loveland campus.

Steve Mills
(970) 339-6238

Dr. Steve Mills came to Aims in 2007. Previously, he taught at Western State College of Colorado in Gunnison, CO. Dr. Mills earned two B.S. degrees at Lewis Clark State College, one in Geology and one in Mathematics. He went on to earn a master's and Ph.D. in Mathematics from the University of Idaho.

Dr. Mills teaches algebra, calculus, linear algebra and differential equations. He also advises students in areas of pre-engineering, mathematics and related fields.

Shelly Ray Parsons
(970) 339-6368

Shelly has been at Aims since 1999, teaching algebra, statistics, calculus, trigonometry, liberal arts math, AAA 101 and various PE classes including Zumba.

She advises in the areas of mathematics, pre-engineering, education, and liberal arts.

Karen Robinson
(970) 339-6394

Karen has been at Aims since 1984, teaching algebra, trigonometry, calculus, linear algebra, and discrete math.

She advises in the areas of pre-nursing, pre-engineering, mathematics and liberal arts.

Jan Stapleton
(970) 339-6340

Jan has been at Aims since 2002, teaching algebra, calculus, trigonometry, liberal arts math and math for elementary school teachers.

She advises undeclared students, mathematics majors and mathematics education students.