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AAA090/101 Faculty and Staff:

Ryan Barone
Director, Student Leadership & Development
(970) 339-6657

My name is Ryan, and I joined the Aims community in the Spring of 2014. I have studied or worked at seven different higher education institutions in three different states, and I have been uniquely inspired and motivated by the students, staff, and faculty at Aims. Navigating higher education can be complex, and I am thrilled to be one of the many people here committed to helping students progress and succeed to meet their educational goals.

Success Tip: Identify the skills you already have which assisted you in getting to this point in life, and use those characteristics to help you meet your goals. You are competent and valuable, and you can be successful here at Aims and beyond.

Phyllis Bradsby

(970) 339-6536

Educational/Professional Background: I received my undergraduate degree at Metro State College and my graduate degree in Education at the University of Colorado at Denver. I have taught elementary education, parenting classes, teacher training classes through high school levels, teacher mentoring, and English/Reading at the college level. Most recently, I have found my calling in teaching AAA students while gaining the wonderful experiences of witnessing students who through AAA have uncovered, or come to recognize the great things that "truly define who they are." Such as, uncovering the realization that even if there are past experiences that have left marks in our lives, such as mistakes we may have made, or pain we have endured, these do not "define who we are."

Student Success Tip: Hold up your glass as your AAA instructor shares the tools to help you complete the content of this course while you fill your own glass with a mindset that uncovers a definition of "who you truly are" and the successes you can achieve.

Janet Chase
Allied Health Advisor
(970) 339-6284

Student Success Center
Greeley Campus, CCTR 266
Greeley, CO 80632

Background: I am a proud graduate of Aims where I began my adventure in higher education by earning an Associate’s of Liberal Arts degree which enabled me to transfer to the University of Northern Colorado where I earned a Bachelors of Science degree in Human Services. I also earned an Associate’s of Applied Science in Mortuary Science from Arapahoe Community College. Currently I am in the process of earning a Master’s of Arts degree in Higher Education Student Affairs Leadership at the University of Northern Colorado.

Area of specialty: I am excited to combine my 20+ years of working in the Health Care field with my love of working with students to advise for the Allied Health Science programs – specifically the Nursing, Radiology Technology, and Surgical Technology programs.

Personal philosophy on advising: I view the advising role as being part of a collaborative team which includes the student, faculty, academic programs, administration, Student Life, academic support programs, etc. The ultimate goal of all involved is to empower the student to achieve their academic goals in a meaningful and enriching manner.

Iván Díaz
Retention Advisor
(970) 339-6609

Student Success Center
Greeley Campus, CCTR 156
Greeley, CO 80634

Educational/Professional Background: I received both my undergraduate and graduate degrees from the University of Northern Colorado. Most recently, I earned my Masters in Higher Education Student Affairs Leadership. Prior to my current role, I have worked in areas of non-profit (i.e. youth development) and higher education (i.e. admissions). In addition to my work experience, I am also a professional photographer. A majority of my photography centers around capturing special family and individual moments. Most recently, I have had the opportunity to photograph music groups such as Sugar Ray, Smash Mouth, and WAR. My work has also been used in university publications.

Area of specialty: Retention Advising

Personal philosophy on advising: I view the advising role as a key component to student retention and success. I believe student support is a campus wide effort and is only successful from a “we” versus “I” understanding. The question is not, what do I need to do to achieve my academic goals, but rather, how can WE work together to accomplish your goals?

Jared Fiel

I love teaching AAA because these classes have a sense of community and support that goes far beyond the classroom. My former students keep in touch with me and others in the class and we still celebrate their successes.

Success Tip: stay on top of your homework from the first day. If you start getting behind, it's tough to dig your way out (kind of like credit card debt!). Also, don't use semi-colons. EVER. They are evil.

Holly Hartwick
English Instructor
(970) 339-6426

Holly Hartwick started teaching at Aims part-time in 1989, then went full-time in 1995. She earned a B.A. in English from Colorado State University, M.Ed in Curriculum and Instruction from The Wichita State University and M.A. in English from the University of Northern Colorado.

Holly teaches multiple levels of Composition, COM 125 and other courses in Developmental Ed, Humanities, AAA and EDU.

Mary Ann Lucero
Assistant Director TRiO & CORE
(970) 339-6249

Mary Ann is the Assistant Director for the Student Support Services & CORE programs. Mary Ann grew up in New Mexico and received her Master’s degree at the University of Northern Colorado.

Favorite Movie? I love movies from the late 80’s and early 90’s!

What would people be surprised to know about you? I have a desire to travel to developing countries

Nadia Navarro

(970) 339-5908

My work with college students’ particularly first-year, freshmen the past two years has been quite the experience. I really enjoy interacting with all of my students and love teaching AAA, because the course provides students with the core tools to succeed in college. Having been placed in developmental courses my first year in college, I understand the importance of a AAA course and have seen the results with our CAMP scholarship recipients.

Sherrie O'Niel

I love teaching AAA because it tells my students everything I didn't know when I started college and gives them a chance to practice most things. I like the interaction with students that is built into the class.

Success Tip: set your goals, use your time wisely and don't procrastinate.

Liz Osborn

Educational Background: My educational journey began at Front Range Community College many, many years ago in Fort Collins, CO where I earned my Associate of Arts. I transferred to the University of Northern Colorado in 2000 and I earned my Bachelor of Arts in Sociology and my Masters in Clinical Sociology. I was primarily a non-traditional student during most of my academic career and can relate to the challenges and obstacles that can occur when trying to earn a college degree.

Why am I excited about teaching AAA: I am excited to combine my 20+ years of working in higher education to share some tips and strategies to become the best student that you can be! There are so many opportunities available to students at Aims Community College that will help you to reach your goals and I am looking forward to sharing them with you.

Student Success Tip: Don't wait until the last minute – make sure that you reach out to your instructor if you need help.

Denise Pearson
Assistant Professor & Department Chair, AAA
(970) 339-6330

I love teaching AAA because it can be the most important class a student takes in their college career. Having taught the course for over 7 years, I enjoy seeing students transform from being unsure to confident in their abilities in a short amount of time. I am enthusiastic about student success strategies such as reading, note taking, test taking skills and motivation and enjoy teaching these skills to my students. Having started my education at a community college and learning these skills through trial and error, I know the value of them to transform a student’s experience in college. I like to go beyond teaching the material and enjoy making personal connections with my students. I often see myself as a success coach and it is a real privilege to guide students to find success at Aims Community College.

Success Tip: Take control of your time by creating a master weekly schedule. Success in college requires you to study two to three times the number of hours that you attend class. If you work, have a family and a social life, these hours can be tough to fit in unless you have a plan. Create a master weekly schedule that has your fixed commitments such as classes, work, picking your kids up from school, etc. Then, insert your study time. Treat your study time like you would any commitment and find a location that you can have uninterrupted time such as studying on campus or the library.

Francie Rottini
Assistant Professor, AAA

My name is Francie and I am excited to join you on your educational journey here at Aims! I began working at Aims in 2007 as a Staff Executive in the Student Services offices. In 2012, I moved into a Retention Advisor position in the STAR center and now I will be teaching AAA full-time! I have a master's degree in Clinical Counseling from the University of Northern Colorado and am a National Certified Counselor.

I enjoy teaching AAA because it allows me the opportunity to connect with and support students in the early stages of their education. I love watching my students gain confidence and learn valuable knowledge and skills throughout each semester.

Success Tip: Ask questions. Don't be afraid to clarify, ask for help or admit you are not sure of something.

Leah Schaer
Assistant Director, Financial Aid
(970) 339-6621

As a lifelong learner, I love teaching which then enables me to continue to learn and grow alongside students. I also love to see students learn about and put into action the many resources available as they take the steps along their journey, onto graduation and beyond.

Ellen Swieter
(970) 339-6522

Ellen has been a faculty member at Aims since 1995. She had five years of business experience prior to coming to Aims. Specifically, her accounting work dealt with Accounts Payable.

Ellen received her B.A. in Education and B.S. in Business Administration from the University of Northern Colorado, and her M.S. degree in Vocational Education from Colorado State University.

Ellen teaches ACC 121, BTE 155, MAT 112, AAA 090 and CIS 118.

Kara Tripician
Advisor, Senior
(970) 339-3306

Student Services
Loveland Campus
Loveland, CO 80537

Background: I graduated from the University of Northern Colorado in 2008 with a Master’s Degree in Clinical Counseling with an emphasis in Couples and Family Therapy. Before joining Aims, I had a private counseling practice serving couples, families and children in play therapy. I have also worked in K-12 education for five years. Prior to that, I earned two Bachelor’s degrees, one in Medical Technology and one in Microbiology, and I worked as a Medical Technologist and Microbiologist for 7 years.

Area of Specialty: I am an Admissions and Academic Advisor on the Loveland Campus. I look forward to meeting you!

Advising Philosophy: My advising philosophy is to partner with and empower students as they navigate their way toward their academic and career goals. I am committed to listening to the students, and providing support, information and tools the students need in order to take ownership of their journey and make informed choices.

Rachel Veretto
Assistant Director, Center for the First-Year Experience
(970) 339-6641

My name is Rachel and I am thrilled that you’ve made Aims your college of choice! I joined the Aims community in 2005 and began teaching AAA courses in 2008. I love working in the Center for the First-Year experience because I get to impact students’ lives from the moment they walk onto campus until they walk across the stage at graduation.

It is my personal goal to get to know as many of you as I can through the various activities and events the Center hosts and the classes I teach. I want the Center to become your go-to safe space when you need help - we want to connect you to the people and resources on campus that will help you succeed! Stop in and visit us and let’s make it a great first year!

I love teaching AAA because it gives me the unique opportunity to become a part of the students’ stories and they a part of mine. Students grow a tremendous amount over the course of 15 weeks and to be involved in that transformation is truly a gift.

Success Tip: after the first few classes, take all of your syllabi and transfer assignment due dates, tests, quizzes, papers, readings, etc… into your planner. This will allow you to prioritize each day, week, and month so you aren’t scrambling to complete your work the night before.

Dr. ShawnaLee Washam
(970) 339-6346

ShawnaLee K. Washam grew up in western Nebraska and the Colorado front range and received her B.S., M.S. and Ph.D. in Psychology from Colorado State University. She has a special interest in cognitive neuropsychology and worked professionally assessing intelligence, personality, and cognitive skills for seven years before coming to Aims.

Since 1995, Shawna has held five different positions at Aims: Advisor at Greeley campus, Financial Aid Advisor at Loveland campus, Director of Assessment, Psychology Chair and Professor of Psychology. She currently teaches many of the psychology courses offered in the department and especially loves collaborating with Phi Theta Kappa, learning communities and Honors students.

Linda Zamora

I love teaching AAA for many reasons, but the two most important are: 1) helping students by making a difference and 2) getting the great opportunity to be part of the beginning of a student’s journey to a college degree.

Success Tip: use any and all resources that Aims has to offer you.