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AAA090 Faculty and Staff:

Denise Pearson
Assistant Professor & Department Chair, AAA
(970) 339-6330

I love teaching AAA because it can be the most important class a student takes in their college career. Having taught the course for over 7 years, I enjoy seeing students transform from being unsure to confident in their abilities in a short amount of time. I am enthusiastic about student success strategies such as reading, note taking, test taking skills and motivation and enjoy teaching these skills to my students. Having started my education at a community college and learning these skills through trial and error, I know the value of them to transform a studentís experience in college. I like to go beyond teaching the material and enjoy making personal connections with my students. I often see myself as a success coach and it is a real privilege to guide students to find success at Aims Community College.

Success Tip: Take control of your time by creating a master weekly schedule. Success in college requires you to study two to three times the number of hours that you attend class. If you work, have a family and a social life, these hours can be tough to fit in unless you have a plan. Create a master weekly schedule that has your fixed commitments such as classes, work, picking your kids up from school, etc. Then, insert your study time. Treat your study time like you would any commitment and find a location that you can have uninterrupted time such as studying on campus or the library.

Francie Rottini
Instructor, AAA

My name is Francie and I am excited to join you on your educational journey here at Aims! I began working at Aims in 2007 as a Staff Executive in the Student Services offices. In 2012, I moved into a Retention Advisor position in the STAR center and now I will be teaching AAA full-time! I have a master's degree in Clinical Counseling from the University of Northern Colorado and am a National Certified Counselor.

I enjoy teaching AAA because it allows me the opportunity to connect with and support students in the early stages of their education. I love watching my students gain confidence and learn valuable knowledge and skills throughout each semester.

Success Tip: Ask questions. Don't be afraid to clarify, ask for help or admit you are not sure of something.