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Career Services Faculty and Staff:

Lesli Bicknell
Program Coordinator III, Career Services
(970) 339-6364

Student Success Center
Greeley Campus, CCTR 269
Greeley, CO 80634

Educational/Professional Background: I hold a Master’s Degree In Education from Colorado State University and an undergrad degree in Economics with a Business concentration also from CSU. I have worked at large universities and small community colleges, and have worked in a variety of Student Services roles including Residence Life, Student Activities, teaching, Academic Advising, and Career Services.

Area of Specialty: As a program coordinator for Career Services I will be assisting students in all areas of Career Service needs; assisting students with career exploration, setting academic and career goals, career planning, cover letter, resume, and job search skills. I will also continue in my role as an academic advisor.

Personal Philosophy on Career Services and Advising: I love encouraging students to find and pursue their dreams through education. I believe an education is the greatest gift a person can receive and a life-long endeavor.

Education is a companion which no misfortune can depress, no crime can destroy, no enemy can alienate, no despot can enslave. At home a friend, abroad an introduction, in solitude a solace, and in society an ornament. It chastens vice, it guides virtue, it gives, at once, grace and government to genius. Without it, what is man? A splendid slave, a reasoning savage.
~ Joseph Addison, 1672-1719, English Essayist [The Spectator 1711]

Janet Chase
Allied Health Advisor
(970) 339-6284

Student Success Center
Greeley Campus, CCTR 266
Greeley, CO 80632

Background: I am a proud graduate of Aims where I began my adventure in higher education by earning an Associate’s of Liberal Arts degree which enabled me to transfer to the University of Northern Colorado where I earned a Bachelors of Science degree in Human Services. I also earned an Associate’s of Applied Science in Mortuary Science from Arapahoe Community College. Currently I am in the process of earning a Master’s of Arts degree in Higher Education Student Affairs Leadership at the University of Northern Colorado.

Area of specialty: I am excited to combine my 20+ years of working in the Health Care field with my love of working with students to advise for the Allied Health Science programs – specifically the Nursing, Radiology Technology, and Surgical Technology programs.

Personal philosophy on advising: I view the advising role as being part of a collaborative team which includes the student, faculty, academic programs, administration, Student Life, academic support programs, etc. The ultimate goal of all involved is to empower the student to achieve their academic goals in a meaningful and enriching manner.

Jennifer Crandall
Advisor, Senior

Educational/Professional Background:
I have my Master’s Degree in Counseling with an emphasis in Mental Health Counseling and School Counseling from the University of Wyoming. I have worked for the last few years in Secondary Education providing mental health counseling, career counseling, and academic advising to students.

Area of Specialty:
My work in career counseling is my specialty. I find matching people with their ideal career to be rewarding. I also do mental health counseling where I have focused on the use of animals in therapy.

Personal Philosophy of Counseling, Career Services, and Advising:
I believe that every individual has a mind, body, heart, and soul that need to be nurtured and supported thought out life. I enjoy helping students to nurture their minds with educations and the college experience, their bodies though healthy living, and their heart and soul though helping student heal the hurts that life deals us. It is a privilege for me to work with a student to meet their goals and help them though life’s challenges.

Chris Karl
Advisor, Senior
(970) 339-6436

Student Success Center
Greeley Campus, CCTR 167
Greeley, CO 80632

Educational/Professional Background: I have a B.S. in Psychology from Colorado State, and a Masters in Counseling from UNC. I worked at Social Services for 14 years as a caseworker with teens and as a child protection supervisor. For the last 8 years I worked at North Range Behavioral Health as a clinical counselor. North Range had a contract with Aims to provide counseling to students for a few hours a week, and I did that for four semesters.

Area of specialty: My focus has been on clinical conditions, mood and anxiety disorders, behavioral issues, and family counseling. My specific focus has been on resolving trauma.

Personal philosophy on advising: I believe everyone has a calling/blueprint for their lives, and teasing out the specifics requires time, patience, and risk. Events and circumstances can obscure the plan (spilled coffee on the blueprint), and my job will entail identifying the hindrances, providing lots of information, and helping clarify the goals and steps students need to take to accomplish their goals.

Kellie Richardson
Allied Health Advisor
(970) 339-6570

Student Success Center
Greeley Campus, CCTR 266
Greeley, CO 80632

Educational/Professional Background: I attended the University of Colorado at Boulder and received my Bachelor's degree in Environmental, Populational, and Organismic Biology. Afterwards, I worked for the Colorado Division of Wildlife collecting data on endangered fish species in Colorado's river systems. I also attended Colorado State University and received my Master's degree in Education and Human Resource Studies with an emphasis in Educational Leadership. While working on my master's degree I also obtained a license to teach science at the secondary level. Shortly after graduation I began working with at-risk populations of students in a local school district. The position opened many other doors, which eventually led me to Aims!

Area of specialty: I currently advise the Allied Health Science programs in particular Radiological Technology, Surgical Technology and Nursing. However, I am well versed and trained in advising Welding, Auto and Fire Science Department programs.

Personal philosophy on advising: My personal advising philosophy is to always be dependable, reliable, and as accessible of a resource as possible for students.