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First-Year Experience Faculty and Staff:

Ryan Barone
Director, Student Leadership & Development
(970) 339-6657

My name is Ryan, and I joined the Aims community in the Spring of 2014. I have studied or worked at seven different higher education institutions in three different states, and I have been uniquely inspired and motivated by the students, staff, and faculty at Aims. Navigating higher education can be complex, and I am thrilled to be one of the many people here committed to helping students progress and succeed to meet their educational goals.

Success Tip: Identify the skills you already have which assisted you in getting to this point in life, and use those characteristics to help you meet your goals. You are competent and valuable, and you can be successful here at Aims and beyond.

Brittni Robson
Work Study - FYE Liaison

Hi, my name is Brittni, I am currently working on my Associates Degree here at AIMS. My major is Anthropology. I hope transfer to UNC or CSU to finish my Bachelorís Degree, and after that I will be going for my Masterís Degree in Occupational Therapy. I will be in my third semester at AIMS in spring of 2016, and hope to make more connection with students and faculty. I love being involved here on campus, I am a proud member of Catalyst and I help with iFocus workshop as well. I hope to continue working in the First Year Experience office for many more semesters.

Success tip: Learn about the different activities offered at AIMS, and get involved with the campus community. Clubs, Catalyst, FYE office and iFocus workshops are all ways to improve your experience!

Tyí Ray Thompson
Coordinator, Center for the First-Year Experience
(970) 339-6595

If you think you can, you will. If you think you canít, you wonít. Either way youíre right (The little Engine That Could, 2011). My name is Tyí Ray Thompson, and I joined Aims Community College in spring 2015, and so far, it has been awesome! So much of who I am as a professional has been shaped by my Christian faith and by many individuals (family and friends) who have taken the time to offer their wisdom, guidance, and encouragement.

This is what I look forward to being for Aims students, a coach and a #1 fan.

Student Success Tip: 1) Take the time to do some goal planning, 2) tell someone you trust and respect about your goals, 3) post them in a place where they are visible and look at them daily, and 4) think positive and tell yourself *you can*!

Rachel Veretto
Assistant Director, Center for the First-Year Experience
(970) 339-6641

My name is Rachel and I am thrilled that youíve made Aims your college of choice! I joined the Aims community in 2005 and began teaching AAA courses in 2008. I love working in the Center for the First-Year experience because I get to impact studentsí lives from the moment they walk onto campus until they walk across the stage at graduation.

It is my personal goal to get to know as many of you as I can through the various activities and events the Center hosts and the classes I teach. I want the Center to become your go-to safe space when you need help - we want to connect you to the people and resources on campus that will help you succeed! Stop in and visit us and letís make it a great first year!

I love teaching AAA because it gives me the unique opportunity to become a part of the studentsí stories and they a part of mine. Students grow a tremendous amount over the course of 15 weeks and to be involved in that transformation is truly a gift.

Success Tip: after the first few classes, take all of your syllabi and transfer assignment due dates, tests, quizzes, papers, readings, etcÖ into your planner. This will allow you to prioritize each day, week, and month so you arenít scrambling to complete your work the night before.