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History Faculty

 Michael Booker
(970) 339-6384

Michael holds a Ph.D. in Modern European history with an emphasis on modern Britain and Ireland from the University of Tennessee. His doctoral dissertation, “The Civil Religion of Loyalism in the Southwestern Lowlands of Scotland, 1688-Present” introduces the idea that together the Loyalist institutions -- including the Orange Order, Rangers Football Club, Loyalist street gangs and paramilitary associations, and Protestant Loyalist flute bands -- constitute a civil religion based on the tenet of Protestant Loyalism.

Michael’s areas of specialty include Protestant Northern Ireland, modern European history, modern British history, modern Irish history, modern world history, nationalism, civil religion, football (soccer) culture and the American West.

Michael recently completed a book titled "Images of America: Glendive," for Arcadia Publishing. The book is scheduled for release Spring 2016.


 Clint Heiner
(970) 339-6442

Clint, M.A., is one of two full-time history professors at Aims. He received his bachelor's degree from the University of Northern Colorado in 2003 in American and European history with a minor in Cultural Anthropology. In 2005, he received his master’s degree, also from UNC, in American history with an emphasis in world studies.

Because Clint does not consider himself to be specialized in any one given area, he does not claim a specialty; however, his favorite history to both learn about and teach is 20th century (modern) American military and social history. In particular, he has a real passion and fascination about World War I, World War II and Cold War history (both American and global). He's also interested in American Indian history and culture, and African American history and culture.

Clint has taught at both UNC and Aims as a part-time history professor, but he has been a full-time faculty member here at Aims since 2005.

Clint is also the father of three beautiful children, two boys and one girl, whose names are Malcolm, Mekhi and Hailey. He often remarks on how his children and family -- and his job (teaching history to college students) -- are what make up the bulk of how he spends his time. When he does have some time away from work and his children (which isn't often) he enjoys reading historical literature, historiography and fiction. He also enjoys the outdoors, hiking, camping and traveling as much as time will permit him.

Because he is mostly an American historian, he teaches mostly American history courses, but he also is the advisor to, and helps operate, the Aims History Association at the Greeley Campus.

Come by Clint's office and chat with him. He is almost always in the mood for some adult conversation because he spends so much time with the little ones, but be careful. Once you get him started, he won't stop.