Social Sciences

Administrative Office:
Westview 247
(970) 339-6296

Department Chair:
Vicky Bollenbacher, Ph.D.
Westview 259
(970) 339-6314


The social sciences are the academic disciplines that are concerned with understanding society, using multiple methodologies, including quantitative and qualitative methods and scientific and historical approaches.

The Aims Social Science department offers classes in:

  • Anthropology studies the biological and cultural variations among and between humans, our ancestors and our primate relatives. It also seeks to explain the social characteristics, customs and beliefs of past and present peoples.
  • Economics describes how societies and people produce, distribute and consume things and how we make decisions about the material world.
  • Geography studies the relationship between people and their physical environment (relationship of people in terms of planet earth) and helps explain human behavior, especially in relation to any movement on the surface of the earth.
  • History analyzes records to describe and explain past peoples and their civilizations. 
  • Political Science is the study of the theory and practice of the state and politics, including ethics, political systems and political behavior. It intersects with other fields, including law, public administration, environmental science and international relations.
  • Sociology studies human societies, institutions and relationships.
  • Women's Studies is an interdisciplinary academic field that draws from feminist theory, political theory, law, multicultural studies, anthropology and sociology to understand societal gender norms both in the United States and internationally.

Many of our courses will transfer to any four-year university in Colorado, guaranteed. For more information on these programs, call (970) 339-6387 or stop by the Social Sciences Administrative Office in Westview 247.