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Why Choose Welding?

  • Welding is a challenging and dynamic career that requires highly skilled craftspeople who take pride in their work

  • Welding is a universal skill that is in high demand and is not limited to one industry or geographical area

  • Excellent job prospects - Currently in the U.S. there are approximately 450,000 people

    employed in the welding field and that number is expected to grow over the next ten years.

  • Good Wages - The nationwide average pay for welders in 2002 was $14.02/hr with the top pay at $21.79/hr and above.

  • Variety

Some of the career possibilities in the welding field include:

  • Production Welder

  • Pipe Welder and Fitter

  • Repair and Maintenance Welder

  • Welding Supervisor

  • Automated Welding Machine Technician/Programmer

  • Welding Inspection and Quality Control Technician

  • Welding Equipment Sales/Repair

  • Business Owner / Entrepreneur