Aims Foundation

Scholarships - Endowed

The Aims Foundation provides scholarship support through annual and endowed funds. Endowed funds begin to distribute income once they reach $10,000 and they offer a lasting legacy. Investments can be made through a one-time gift, pledge of payments over a period of years or through proceeds of a deferred gift - such as a bequest. Since you can add to the fund, many donors utilize a combination of these methods. In fact, funds that combine endowed and annual contributions are best for donors interested in providing an opportunity to build for the future while experiencing the satisfaction of current program support.

As an endowment, only a portion of the fund will be used once the gift matures. This will insure that the fund is lasting. It also means that your name will follow students in perpetuity. The minimum investment is $10,000 for an endowment at Aims. Distribution amounts are dependent on the annual growth of the fund less fees. These charges represent each fund's proportionate share of the Foundation's investment and accounting expenses, including professional investment manager fees.