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Did you know that earning your Associate’s degree will reduce your likelihood of facing unemployment and raise your earning potential by an average of $10,000 annually?

Unemployment Rate Degree Mean Earnings
2.4% Professional Degree $103,411
1.90% Doctorate Degree $88,867
4.00% Master's Degree $69,958
5.40% Bachelor's Degree $57,026
7.00% Associate's Degree $44,086
9.20% Some college, no degree $40,556
10.3% High school graduate $34,197
14.9% Less than high school $27,470

Source: Data from U.S. Bureau of the Census, Department of Labor (2011).

Complete your assignments, your classes, your semester, your degree. It Matters.

In the spring each year, Aims celebrates the number of collective semesters students have completed through the It Matters campaign. In Spring of 2014, Aims students reported completing more than 4,000 semesters!

It Mattered
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