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Check out these interactive on-demand workshops, brought to you by Student Lingo. Action plans and additional resources are offered at the end of each workshop to help you achieve your academic goals. Watch these 30-minute workshops anywhere you have access to the internet and a computer or tablet day or night! Online workshops count towards weekly drawings, portfolios, and end of the semester Kindle drawing.

Academic & Career Exploration

  • Creating Your College Bucket List: Explore, Experience, Succeed
    Learn how to maximize your potential by taking a personal inventory of what success means to you. Take advantage of the many “extra” opportunities that the college experience affords.
  • Exploring Careers & Choosing A Major
    This session provides you opportunities to assess your interests, skills, and talents and to then understand how your unique characteristics relate to careers.
  • Mastering The Job Interview
    Learn how to connect with the interviewer, express yourself confidently and distinguish yourself from other candidates. Session includes clips of successful and unsuccessful interviews and an action plan to prep for future interviews.
  • Maximizing Your College Experience
    This lively and engaging presentation will help you “live large” and maximize your college experience to succeed after graduation.
  • What It Takes To Be A Successful Student
    Explore the attitudes and habits that contribute to academic success and achievement. “Make friends” with campus resources, departments, professors, and programs that support you.
  • Writing Effective Resumes & Cover Letters
    Learn how to create a more effective cover letter and resume that will stand out to potential employers. Learn how to organize the information, be concise, utilize effective action verbs and express yourself professionally.

Learning To Learn

  • Discover your Learning Style
    This interactive workshop will help you discover your unique learning style and provide study strategies tailored just for you. Whether you learn best by seeing, hearing, or doing, you'll refine your skills and be better prepared to tackle the challenges of college courses! 

  • How to Overcome Math Anxiety
    Assess your level of math anxiety, explore effective methods that counteract this type of anxiety in order to be successful in math, and identify the proper steps that can be taken to avoid math anxiety before it begins.

  • How to Succeed in Your Math Classes
    Achieve maximum success in your math classes! You’ll learn concepts (and see examples) for proper note-taking, test preparation, comprehension vs. memorization, avoiding procrastination, and leveraging resources.
  • Exam Preparation Tips & Test-Taking Strategies
    Learn the 5-step exam preparation process along with strategies for taking different kinds of tests.  Apply these immediately to succeed during your next exam!
  • How to Reduce Test Anxiety
    The first half of this session covers test anxiety – what it is, how it affects you and what you can do to overcome it. Part two gives you tips for taking multiple choice tests including how to apply specific strategies based on the style of the question. 
  • Learning Strategies Every Student Should Know
    Do you know the difference between studying and learning? Learn how to use metacognition when studying and how the study cycle learning strategy can help you move to higher learning levels.
  • Study Tips & Note-Taking Strategies
    Learn proven reading, studying, and note-taking strategies for optimal performance in lectures and on exams. Get the skills to demonstrate mastery of course material and showcase what you have learned to your instructors. 
  • Understanding & Avoiding Plagiarism
    Learn what it means to quote, summarize and paraphrase appropriately, what types of information must be cited, and how citation systems work.

  • 10 Habits of Mind for College Success
    This workshop explores the ten habits of mind that promote the psychological mindsets and behaviors that cultivate success in college and in life.  These habits have the potential to shape both your academic and social engagement, and lifelong success.
  • The Difference Between High School & College
    This session will explores the transition from high school to college. You will be challenged to rethink your attitudes and behaviors towards learning.  You will learn about the changes needed to meet the increased academic demands of college, and you will feel more prepared as you join this new scholarly community.
  • Information Literacy: How to Master College Research
    Learn about information sources (books, journal articles, websites, blogs, social media), and how you will use sources for class assignments, professional research, or in your personal life.

  • Academic Integrity: The Do’s and Don’ts
    This workshop reviews ethical standards which personal and academic integrity.  You will learn about different forms of academic dishonesty and campus resources to help you make good choices as a student and a professional.

Online Learning

  • 10 Tips for Success in Your Online Course
    Learn if online learning is right for you. These 10 key strategies will help you succeed in your online course and show you how to manage your time in the online environment, define study schedules, and more.
  • Effectively Communicating Online: Reading & Writing Strategies
    Communication is key, especially for online learning. Learn how to write discussion postings, respond to peers and professors via email, as well as reading strategies for the online environment.
  • Online Courses: Staying Motivated & Disciplined
    Get the practical tips and strategies to stay focused and motivated while taking classes online. Learn how to break down large tasks into smaller, more manageable steps, how to effectively communicate with your instructor, how to forge a relationship with online classmates and teachers, and more.
  • Taking Tests Online: Strategies for Success
    Know what you need to know about the test before you take it as well as the importance of location. Learn why taking notes during the test is an effective strategy and the importance of “R & R” (relax and review).

Reading & Writing Strategies

  • Developing A Strong Thesis Statement
    A thesis statement is one of the most important parts of a good essay, and writing a good one can be confusing. Using a narrative essay as the context, you’ll get clear instructions for designing an effective thesis statement.
  • Drafting Introductions, Body Paragraphs & Conclusions
    Once the work of prewriting is done, the process of drafting begins. Learn ways to organize body paragraphs for flow and coherence as well as three strategies to write an effective conclusion.
  • Pre-Writing Techniques: Planning & Idea Development
    The real work of writing a paper is in generating ideas, choosing the best ideas and focusing the ideas. Learn several methods of pre-writing designed to make the process of writing papers more effective.
  • Reading Comprehension Strategies
    Textbooks are packed with information and it is often hard to figure out what is important and what isn’t. Learn how to chunk a text for the big picture and annotate for key details (and stay awake while doing it!).
  • The Revision Process: How To Proofread & Edit Your Writing
    There are differences between the processes of revising and the processes of editing and proofreading. Learn effective strategies for both stages of writing.

Personal Management

  • Financial Literacy: Smart Money Skills for College & Beyond
    Take an active role in managing your finances with these 10 essential money management skills. Integrate these skills into your daily routine to become financially independent.

  • How to Achieve Well-Being, Balance, and Success
    When you know how to care for your personal well-being, you are better equipped to adapt and thrive in college. Learn how to develop a sense of well-being to embrace change, take action toward your dreams, and live a life of integrity.

  • How to Develop Your Cross-Cultural Skills
    Learn how to increase your cultural responsiveness by gaining insight into your values and evaluate your perceptions about those who are different from you. Identify strategies for becoming more culturally responsive and inclusive now and in the future.
  • Improving Student-Faculty Relationships
    Learn how to respectfully communicate with instructors via email, phone, and in person. Demonstrate enthusiasm and interest in each class with these strategies while learning which behaviors you should avoid when working with faculty.
  • Navigating The Financial Aid Process
    Learn the basics of the financial aid application process, how to evaluate financial aid packages, the top 10 steps to staying on top of the financial aid process, and more.
  • Overcoming Procrastination: Causes & Cures
    Combat procrastination by knowing the thoughts, feelings, and attitudes that fuel it. If you can’t seem to get motivated, check out these solutions while identifying anti-procrastination behaviors and habits.

  • Setting and Accomplishing Realistic Goals
    We aren’t born knowing how to set effective goals, but it is a skill that can be learned. Understand the goal-setting process and implement it as a tool to reach your potential and achieve your educational goals.
  • Stress Management Techniques: How to Minimize Stress in College
    Your everyday choices affect your health and well-being. Learn how the dimensions of wellness – physical, emotional, intellectual, spiritual and social – combine together to form balance or imbalance.
  • Time Management
    Academic achievement takes time and you have to get a lot done in a short amount of time. Learn how to manage your time and behavior with these strategies including the 8-8-8 formula for effective time management.

  • Emotional Intelligence: The Other Key to Academic Success
    Learn about emotional intelligence: -the key skills, abilities, and competencies that help you in your personal and professional life.  You will gain insight into the dimensions of self-awareness, self-management, self-regulation, and motivation.  
  • Mental Health 101: Information & Resources
    Many students struggle with depressions and anxiety every day that interfere with their ability to succeed academically, personally, and socially.  You will learn the practical steps to respond to mental health crisis.

Success Strategies

  • Success Strategies for First Generation Students
    First-generation college students may experience different challenges than students who have family members that have attended and completed a college degree or certificate.  Learn strategies to prepare for life after college, whether you choose to go straight into the world of work or continue your education. 

Spanish Workshops Available

  • Lo Que Se Necesita Para Tener Exito En La Universidad 
    Explorar las actitudes y hábitos que contribuyan al logro y éxito académico. "Son amigos" con recursos del campus, departamentos, profesores y programas que te apoyan.

  • Cómo Explorar Carreras Y Escoger Una Especialización Académica 
    Esta sesión ofrece oportunidades para evaluar tus intereses, Aptitudes y talentos y luego comprender sus características únicas a las carreras.
  • Cómo Superar La Entrevista De Trabajo 
    Aprenda cómo conectarse con el entrevistador, expresarse con confianza y distinguirse de otros candidatos. La sesión incluye clips de entrevistas exitosas y fracasadas y un plan de acción de preparación para futuras entrevistas.
  • Pasos Para El Proceso De Ayuda Financiera 
    Aprender los conceptos básicos del proceso de solicitud de ayuda financiera, cómo evaluar ayuda financiera paquetes, los 10 primeros pasos para mantenerse en la cima de la ayuda financiera  y mucho más.
  • Descubre Tu Estilo De Aprendizaje 
    Este taller interactivo te ayudará a descubrir tu estilo único de aprendizaje y proporcionar estrategias de estudio a medida para ti. Si aprendes mejor por ver, oír, o haciendo, perfeccionaras sus habilidades y estar mejor preparados para afrontar los retos de cursos universitarios.
  • La Ansiedad Ante Los Exámenes: Estrategias Para Tener Exito 
    La primera mitad de esta sesión cubre prueba de ansiedad – lo que es, cómo te afecta y lo que puedes hacer para superarla. Parte dos da consejos para tomar exámenes de opción múltiple incluyendo cómo aplicar estrategias específicas basadas en el estilo de la cuestión.