Center for the First-Year Experience


Horizon Hall, Room 107
(970) 339-6641


Catalyst is a program for students returning to Aims after at least one semester on campus and who were nominated by their AAA instructor.  The term “catalyst” is defined as someone or something that encourages progress and change.  This selective leadership program helps students foster a mindset of completion, while helping participants improve on skills attractive for employers including: teamwork, communication, organization, decision making, and other professional skills.  Catalyst’s goals include fostering a mindset of completion and a vision of the “end in mind.” 

According to the 2013 Job Outlook Survey, desired job skills include communication, teamwork, decision making and problem solving, organization and prioritizing, information processing, analytical skills, technical knowledge, computer proficiency, writing and editing, and influencing.  Therefore, Catalyst learning and service outcomes are focused on these skills needed to attract future employers. 

If you have questions about Catalyst, please contact the Center for the First-Year Experience at, (970) 339-6857 or stop by and visit us in Horizon Hall Rm. 107.

It’s (Catalyst) like a stream of water going to the ocean, there might be a rock to go, around but you will get there.  That is how the facilitators help us, they are going to get us there and make us successful leaders.”– Catalyst Student