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Catalyst is a program for students returning to Aims after at least one semester on campus and who were nominated by their AAA (Advancing Academic Achievement) instructor. The term “catalyst” is defined as someone or something that encourages progress and change. This selective leadership program helps students foster a mindset of completion and a vision of the “end in mind.” During three semesters, the following programmatic themes are covered: Leadership, Connectedness, and Equity & Social Inclusiveness. These content areas provide participants with the opportunity to improve on skills attractive to future employers:  teamwork, communication, leadership, organization, decision making, and other personal/professional skills.  Membership in Catalyst strengthens your leadership skills, making you “the” candidate for your future career!

Semester Themes and Learning Outcomes

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"It’s (Catalyst) like a stream of water going to the ocean, there might be a rock to go around but you will get there. That is how the facilitators help us; they are going to get us there and make us successful leaders.”– Catalyst Student

For questions about the Catalyst program, please contact:

Rachel Veretto (970) 339-6641 – Greeley 
Ty Thompson (970) 339-6595 - Fort Lupton, Loveland, and Windsor