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Media: Test Taking

Feats of Memory Anyone Can Do

Feats of Memory Anyone Can Do
Joshua Foer

Solve Me Maybe

The Mass Vs. Weight Song
(Using Jingles/Rhymes)

Solve Me Maybe

Solve Me Maybe
Parody of Call Me Maybe (Using Jingles/Rhymes)

Waking up late for an exam Movie

Waking Up Late for an Exam
A short story written about a guy feeling the anxiety of waking up late for an exam.

Evian Babies "Rolling into Finals" Movie

Evian Babies "Rolling into Finals"

Should you change your first answer Movie

Should You Change Your First Answer?
If you think your answer is wrong - change it!

Test-Taking Skills Movie

Test-Taking Skills (Scott Bruckner)
General test-taking strategies.

Test-Taking Skills Movie

Aims Testing Center - Training
Basic Guidelines for the Aims Testing Center