Center for the First-Year Experience


Horizon Hall, Room 107
(970) 339-6641

Registering for Second Semester

Tips for successful registration:

  • Make an advising appointment at the Information Desk in the College Center oor by calling 970-339-6251. For Loveland call 970-667-4611 and for Fort Lupton call 303-857-4022.

    Advice from Students

  • You should aim to meet with your advisor a week or two before registration begins.
  • Don’t wait until the last minute to register – classes fill up fast and you may not have as many options for class times or days of the week.
  • Prepare for your appointment:
  • Look at your degree plan in DegreeWorks.
    • DegreeWorks is the degree auditing tool that allows you to see your degree progress and plan your class schedule every semester. You can access it by logging into your myAims account
    • Click on the “Student Tab”
    • Under Advising click on “DegreeWorks (Graduation Self-Check).
  • Consider any developmental “0” level courses you have left to complete, write those down first.
  • Next, look at the remaining classes you have to complete and determine how many total classes you want to take (include your”0” level course work), pick out a few classes that interest you.
  • Keep in mind other obligations, work, family, other activities – make sure you only register for the number of classes that you can successfully complete. Remember, 6 credits is part-time, 9-11 credits is ¾ time, and 12+ credits is full-time.
  • Double check pre-requisite requirements for all of your classes.
  • Go to the class schedule, start thinking about the days of the week and times of the day you want to take classes, build a schedule.
  • Once you’ve figured out your second semester start thinking about future semesters, using this plan and DegreeWorks you should be able to map out the rest of your time at Aims.
  • Bring your tentative schedule and any questions or concerns you have to your advising appointment.