Kiefer Library

Bibliographic Instruction

Bibliographic Instruction

The library offers general and course-related or subject specific library instruction sessions for classes:

  • Library Orientations
  • Database Orientations
  • Specialized Information Sessions

These sessions, offered days and evenings, are planned in collaboration with faculty members, so that the instruction is directly relevant to the particular course topics and assignments.

To schedule a session:

Contact your department/program library liaison by phone, Email, or call the library at ext. 6227.

Please give at least 3 days advance notice from the desired date.

Library Orientations:

(General or Subject Specific)
Include a library tour and a scavenger hunt exercise to introduce students to the library's print and electronic resources, and other services.

Database Orientations:

(General or Subject Specific)
Primarily conducted in the classroom, students are introduced to the use of the library's online databases, including various search strategies, techniques, and tips.

Specialized Information Sessions:

These sessions are customized to meet specific needs which may include but are not limited to Internet research, evaluating web pages, online search strategies, in-depth use of the library's online databases, locating hard-to-find information online/accessing the Hidden Web, specialized resources (e.g., LexisNexis, Findlaw, Medline, etc.)