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Associate of Arts Degree Online

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Two of the most popular reasons for not going to college are time and money.

So, how about earning a degree by taking classes whenever you want at the lowest cost in Colorado?

That’s exactly what the new online Associate of Arts degree at Aims Community College has for you.

Starting this Fall, Aims students will be able to earn an associate degree without ever leaving the comfort of their own home. And the cost for the online classes is even more comfortable.

For years, Aims has offered dozens of classes online, but this is the first time the college has the classes available to complete an associate degree.

The online option opens new doors of opportunity to many students who otherwise could not work it into their schedules, said Jean Otte, director of online learning at Aims.

“Students may have transportation or childcare issues. They may have very rigid schedules, or they work odd hours of the day and night,” Otte said. “It runs the gamut, but for people whose schedules are very rigid or very busy, the online option allows them to take classes at their convenience.”

Although all of the classes for an AA degree will be available online, that doesn’t mean students have to take them all online.

“Some people may be very comfortable with taking something like math classes online, but may want to take history or some other subjects in person,” Otte said. “This program allows students to mix and match what fits their needs the best.”

Online classes are convenient for many students, but they aren’t easy. “There’s just as much, if not more, work from the student’s side to take these classes,” Otte said.